Hoover's Maple Syrup

Why Organic

Hoover's Maple Syrup products are certified organic, meaning the sap never comes in contact with any cleaners or chemicals.

Why Organic

The better question is: Why NOT Organic?



Imagine you're thirsty and you want a glass of nice cold water...
The glass on the left was just used by a neighbour to mix up some chemicals for his weed sprayer - but he returned it rinsed out! The other glass (the one on the right) has never seen anything but pure water! Which glass would you like to drink from?
Why does EVERYONE pick the glass on the right?

And THAT is why we are organic at hoover's maple!

Why are we Certified Organic?

It is easy enough for us to say we follow all the rules for making organic syrup. However, by being certified, this means that we go through an extensive 3rd party, non-bias audit every year and we have a written report to show that we are indeed doing what we say we are doing.

‘What makes Maple Syrup Certified Organic?’

As far as we know, all sap is organic when it comes out of the tree. It is what you do next that determines whether it remains organic sap.

Here are a few examples:

  • Cleaners and Chemicals – a lot of syrup producers use harsh chemicals and acids to clean their processing equipment.
    We DO NOT use any chemicals.
  • Tapping the Trees – we have stricter guidelines with a maximum of 3 taps per tree according to the size of the tree.
  • Vacuum – some producers go as high as 26 inches of vacuum at the tap hole. We DO NOT go above 20 inches of vacuum at the tap hole.
  • Defoamer – We only use certified organic safflower oil.

For a complete listing of all the regulations, please go to Canadian Food Inspection Agency on the web.